Nino Tomasino, with his program of internationalization, has so far completed dozens and dozens of contracts and trade agreements with the Italian companies that he has introduced and guided in the foreign countries.

He was born in 1967, grew up in a small village in the Sicilian hinterland, where family values and loyalty still reign. In the last past years he has travelled around the world and after having worked in Oman, Iraq, Dubai, Brazil, Miami today he is headquartered in Qatar and Malta.

His working life takes place mainly in Qatar, where he has had the privilege of staying in close contact with the local authoritative families and companies. Being in touch and doing business with them has made a big difference in his personal results. This has helped to achieve results to the Italian companies that he have introduced in Doha and that he is now still guiding with his program “Punto al Qatar”.

When he takes a break from his working life, he lives with his wife between Italy (which is his native country) and Malta where his son is attending the studies at St. Edwards College. Leading a serene life in the spirit of humility and in maintaining human values and relationships.

The achievement of the results stems from the way he sets his goals, and the strategies used, in order to arrive with strength and determination where others do not believe or see. While others are complicated and fossilized during a period of change and transformation (both economically and culturally) he simplifies and reinvents.

The interview in the magazine Class Editori – Capital and other Gulf magazines are the testimony to it.

When Nino started his internationalization program there were many difficulties he had to overcome such as the reorganization of his professional and personal life. In order to realize his project he had to abandon the state of comfort, that often blocks many entrepreneurs to succeed. Deciding to overcome the English language barrier he eventually became a student of the British Council in Doha.

For the will to run his family business when he was young, he renounced his career as a military officer despite having passed the official course at Bersaglieri. He dropped out university and refused a work place in a Bank in order to become an entrepreneur.

During his period of working life in Italy, strongly convinced that training is the basis for doing business, he attended training courses at the University of Palermo for Training & Management Communication, at the Politecnico of Turin for business control and management, and in Bologna for the training in communication, marketing and leadership.

These are years of hard work, years of many attempts, mistakes and sacrifices, with the aim of finding the right way.

After several duties around the globe, he decides to stay in Doha, Qatar, a country with a strong economic development. Thanks to the determination and the desire to be surrounded from best people, one day he met the person who has introduced him to the most powerful and authoritative families of the country. Thanks to this contact, he has now become a founding member of Forino Art Designer Company, based in Doha, along with an authoritative partner from Qatar who is very close to the royal family, and together with a renowned architect with established experience.

Another target accomplished!

In Italy he makes stronger his companies through a new communication and marketing system. Moreover, in Italy, he is able to form a platform that is in a constant development and growth for small and medium companies that want to grow, face and be guided in foreign markets.

His philosophy “The market is for everyone”. Where small, medium or large companies have the right to find and carve out a niche market abroad even in difficult countries, especially if they are emerging countries with great opportunities to business.

Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, perhaps alone, can not land in those countries. This is why he succeeds with the rule of simplification creating the project “Punto al Qatar” where the aim is to be the right hook between those who want to sell and who want to buy (skipping every complex and expensive passage like: fairs, relocation, opening new offices, foreign trade managers and a lot of foreign trips). He provides to the SMEs his organization between Italy, Qatar and Miami to be successful in a market and in a world where everything is different from yesterday.

Every businessman, starting from his product/service, his own experience and the desire to internationalize, now can put a point in his office’s map with the program “Punto al Qatar” so that he can realize the dream of expanding his business.

Nowadays it is a true reality, a true hook, which is rewarded by the market: today dozens and dozens of containers have travelled from Italy to the countries where he guides the companies. The satisfaction of the Italian entrepreneurs and of the customers are the real testimony.

With the launch of the program “Punto al Qatar”, he has developed all the driving forces around the business; from the selection of the companies to be guide, from the market research, from consolidating contacts with locals and clients, to the creation of the commercial network and of a new office of design for the Fiorino Art Designer Company, and finally the agreement with the leading shipping company, made it in order that everything can leave and arrive as programmed and desired.

His way of innovating and creating new business opportunities and improving the current ones (either in a national or in a international level) manage to meet the needs of the customers and of the market, focusing on making great results:

From “Punto al Qatar”, to the program AutoAssistita , to the management of NTS International Group, to Indotto Parts and also to the creation of a new company abroad, the Fiorino Art Designer Company.

All of this represents for the made in Italy an extraordinary opportunity, because it allows to be represented in foreign markets starting from an advantaged and privileged position